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Surgery Center of Kalamazoo


The Surgery Center of Kalamazoo is a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center (ASC) that focuses on procedures from a variety of specialties. Our mission is to provide patient care and services in a manner which reflects the philosophy of the organization and its leaders. The Surgery Center of Kalamazoo is Medicare certified and AAAHC accredited.

We believe that our primary duties are:

  • To create a safe environment to meet the special needs of the outpatient surgery patient, and provide an atmosphere of compassion and understanding with minimal stress and anxiety.
  • To provide high quality healthcare to each patient through a well-trained, professional and caring staff.
  • To respond to the healthcare needs of the community by lowering the cost of healthcare.
  • To provide solutions for patients, physicians, payers and employers that are medically effective and cost-efficient.
  • To provide an environment that promotes professionalism and growth in our employees while creating a safe and healthy work environment.