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Surgery Center of Kalamazoo

After Your Surgery

Once your surgery is completed, you will be moved from the operating suite to the recovery room. You will remain in the recovery room until you have met discharge criteria. You will be given a light snack and fluids to drink before discharge. Your designated adult may be with you in the recovery room. Be aware that everyone reacts differently to the anesthetic medications which affects the time you will be required to remain in recovery before discharge. We will not discharge you until we are certain that it is safe to do so.

Prior to discharge you and your designated adult will be provided with written discharge instructions. These instructions will contain information about your specific type of surgery, what you may and may not do for a specified amount of time, phone numbers to contact your surgeon with questions/concerns, what to watch for and who to contact if your recovery is not progressing as expected.

Please note the following post-operative instructions:

• Every patient must be accompanied by a designated adult upon discharge.

• We require that a designated adult stay with you the first night after surgery.

• Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery, power tools or appliances for 24 hours after surgery, longer if you are taking narcotic pain relievers.

• Do not drink alcoholic beverages until you are off of narcotic pain relievers.

• Do not smoke immediately before or after surgery.

• Do not make critical decisions while taking narcotic pain relievers.

If you have questions, contact your surgeon or the Surgery Center of Kalamazoo at 269-323-9905.

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